Spending your life with someone special is a beautiful and sacred opportunity that everyone deserves the chance to experience. There can be many things that get in the way of you connecting on the level that you truly desire; Past relationships, childhood trauma, money, careers, and that damn ego can all create conflict that drives you and your partner further and further apart.


Creating space to heal your past and learn new ways of relating with one another will deepen your connection and transform your relationship.


Even a healthy partnership will have its challenges; merging two lives into one while remaining individuals can be tough at times. Intimate relationships will mirror your deepest wounds AND provide an opportunity for you to heal if you choose to face the wounding or trigger that is showing up for you.


When you face your challenges and conflict in relationship as a team, you create an opportunity for more love and intimacy, leading you to deeper connection, trust, and play!


My partner and I have had many highs and lows throughout our journey. What has kept us together is our commitment to growth, both in the relationship and as individuals. Learning different practices and tools to communicate our needs and listen to each others needs more effectively has been essential in connecting more deeply and staying together for 15 years.


If you’re reading this and you need real leadership in your life, you’ve found it. Derek is an angel in the flesh and worth anyone’s time if you’re serious about up-levelling your relationships, business, and life as a whole.

Séamus Osiris, Life Guide