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Even a healthy partnership will have its challenges; merging two lives into one while remaining individuals can be tough at times. Intimate relationships will often mirror your deepest wounds AND provide an opportunity for you to heal.

When you face your challenges and conflict in relationship as a team, you create an opportunity for more love and intimacy, leading you to deeper connection, trust, and play!

I have supported many couples in my 8+ years as a relationship coach and the results are always amazing. The challenges, blocks, and unmet needs are almost always coming from an inability to communicate effectively. Communication is an art, especially when it comes to conflict resolution and unmet needs. Once you learn the art, you will have one of the most valuable tools to support you for the rest of your life in relationship.


My partner and I have had many highs and lows throughout our journey. What has kept us together is our commitment to growth, both in the relationship and as individuals. Learning different practices and tools to communicate our needs and listen to each others needs more effectively has been essential in connecting more deeply and thriving together for over 15 years.


Derek helped me work through difficult memories from childhood, freeing me to be more available to the present. He helped me give up old habits of self-abandonment, get more in touch with my emotional needs, and advocate for myself. He also helped my partner and I reconnect at a deeper emotional level.

Adam Allan - Professor

If you’re reading this and you need real leadership in your life, you’ve found it. Derek is an angel in the flesh and worth anyone’s time if you’re serious about up-levelling your relationships, business, and life as a whole.

Séamus Osiris, Life Guide

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