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The Triggers In Relationship Never End

Here's the thing. The triggers in relationship never end. There's no end point where triggers no longer exists.

Your triggers are opportunities to create a deeper understanding of yourself and your partner. So why do so many of us react to triggers and create conflict?

1) Past experiences play a big role, even ones from before your current relationship. Without a deep understanding and clearing of these old experiences, they can run the show.

2) You're dealing with the same issues, challenges, stories, and triggers the same way you always have. (That's literally the definition of insanity)

3) You don't have the communication tools and skills to handle conflict effectively.

Here's what I learned from gaining these communication tools and integrating them into my relationship...

You don't have to live in a state of fight or flight where you're unable to fully relax into yourself. Triggers don't need to lead to conflict and conflict can be resolved within minutes rather than dragged on for hours or days. (That's a major waste of energy)

PEACE AND HARMONY are possible.

Conscious communication is possible.

If you are in relationship and are building a beautiful future together and could use some communication tools to help you through conflict, you may be a good fit for my couples program, Conscious Communication.

This is for couples with a strong foundation that want practical tools to use together.

If you've tried to resolve conflict and make new agreements, but you keep coming back to the same old shit.

You want your communication to evolve and you're ready to put some work into making it happen.

You want to connect on a more emotional level but not sure how to get there.

Send me a message if this sounds like you and we'll see if you're a good fit for this program.

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