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Common blocks to attracting your partner...

Something I notice in my clients and community is the desire and yearning for long term partnership. I get it, being in a loving and safe relationship is a beautiful thing and we just want to be held and experience the love and joy of intimacy and relationship.

If you are seeking partnership and It just hasn’t clicked yet, here’s what I have witnessed as the most common blocks to attracting your soulmate...

-You’re giving your power away by seeking to be fulfilled by someone else. The more work you do to become whole in yourself, the more magnetic you become to your soul mate. When you are loving yourself and living your life in a way that excites you and brings you joy, your energy is magnetic!

-You’re seeking instant gratification through dating apps or giving too much of your sacred sexual energy away to porn. This is a major energy leak!

-You’re grasping for something to work without taking time to check in with yourself to see if it’s actually soul-aligned.

- You’re playing games and not taking dating and communication seriously.

- You’re not clear on your values, haven’t set clear boundaries, or haven’t gotten radically clear on what you truly need and want out of your future relationship.

-You’re just not ready to be seen as fully as is required in intimate partnership. Relationships are no joke, not when they are aligned to your full expression and growth. If you're not ready, can you own that from a space of power rather than feel like something is being withheld from you?

These are all common reasons I see to be blocks to attracting your soul-aligned partner. There’s no shame in that, but if you are truly yearning for a deep and intimate life partner, it’s going to take radical honesty, self reflection, and a commitment to grow.

Regardless if you’re looking to attract a partner or not….the personal work you do on yourself will bring you more fulfilment and connection to YOU. If that makes you more magnetic to attracting your life partner, great. But do it for you first.

My journey of personal development has brought me so many fruitful wonders. I love myself deeply. I am in tune with all of my feelings and needs is any given moment. I attracted a beautiful and amazing life partner. I have created an unbelievable community of friends. I have created abundance doing only things that I love and nothing else. And most of all, I am connected to and experience the joy that life has to offer and I am so grateful for that.

If you’re feeling like there’s something more for you, THERE IS. Take the time to find it and cultivate a life that inspires you and leaves you in pure wonderment!

Lots of love friends,


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