A serial entrepreneur & spiritual guide following my heart on a path of service

What I enjoy most is supporting you in creating the life of your wildest dreams. I have done it for myself time and time again and I want that for YOU! By supporting you to clear your blocks, heal past wounds, tap into your mission, and harmonize your relationships, you cultivate a deeper level of purpose and joy in your life.

Using my experience in creative business ventures, my journey of personal and spiritual growth, over 13 years in conscious partnership, and 6 years of coaching experience, I guide and accelerate YOU on your path of personal development and spiritual growth.

I've always loved business and using my creative passions to make money. I bought and flipped my first house at age 18 and started a successful run in Real Estate at age 21. During this time, I started a design consulting business called Interior Solutions, and quickly built a note-worthy name for myself, designing residential homes and retail spaces.

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In the peak of my Real Estate and interior design career, my soul guided me to work with the plant medicine, Ayahuasca. This led me on a deep spiritual journey and I was called to surrender my design business and Real Estate license to move to Toronto with my partner. It was there that I met my first life coach who became a close friend and mentor and who I eventually apprenticed under to become a coach myself. Working with this powerful mentor sparked a passion in me to serve humanity in a deeper way and since then I have  been committed to a path of personal, professional, and spiritual growth. 

In 2015 I moved back to B.C to launch a new creative vision, a thrilling entertainment attraction called Horror Escape. The vision I had was an immersive, live-action escape room experience for locals and tourists that took players into an immersive world with detailed sets, mind-bending puzzles and captivating story-lines. Horror Escape was a massive success, far outweighing my initial expectations and becoming a revenue juggernaut. I have never been one to paint myself into a box and am an advocate for others to express themselves in their fullest expression. Yes, I guide others on a path of spiritual and personal growth AND I also love to build and create my own passion projects, some of which were on the 'darker side'. 


After four years of running and building Horror Escape, I was guided to sell the company to focus my energy on helping others build a life of their dreams. The company sold for over $500,000 which gave me the freedom to focus my time coaching clients in one-on-one mentorships and group programs.


The success I have created wouldn't mean much to me if I wasn't doing it along side my beautiful partner, Jeff, who has been my team-mate for over 13 years and has helped me to achieve many of my dreams. We have been committed to our love and intentional about our growth together and I am passionate about helping other couples to create deeper connection and harmony in their relationships too.

I am personally and professionally immersed in the ‘Men's Work Movement’ supporting men in connecting more deeply to their hearts and beginning the journey of emotional healing. I've been blessed enough to support over 100 different men on their path of healing and growth and witness the beauty their healing has brought to all areas of their lives. I believe this is one the most important movements of our time.

Each part of my journey has brought me to where I am today. Each lesson and experience throughout my life, my partnership, my businesses, and my professional training are what I use to support you in moving past the stories and blocks that are keeping you from living the life of your dreams.


This is my purpose in life and I want to share it with YOU.

With love,



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Victoria, BC