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I believe there's a more effective way to do business. One that is centred around the wellness of the owners and its team. One with a clear mission and values, a mutually beneficial company culture, and an on point brand that stands out.


When you are aligned to your vision - your brand will reflect that. When you are aligned to your values - your company culture will thrive. When you value your personal wellness as much as you value your profits - you will increase profitability. It's all related, that's why a holistic approach to business is the only sustainable option.

I found myself doing business the old way many times in the past. Burnout, stress, and endless thoughts of that glorious exit would be ever so present. Something always needed tending to and I was running on empty.

I now operate from a fully aligned space. No burn out, tons of time for play and rest, higher margins and profits than ever before, and time to support other entrepreneurs to do the same. No one deserves to live their life as a slave to their business, including you.

Build Your Business: List

The coaching I received from Derek has been incredibly valuable. His heartfelt and intuitive approach allowed for deep exploration and elucidation of My Self and My new business venture. I felt truly seen and supported and am so grateful to have invested in this experience.

Mark Edwin Berge, Play-Full Events Co

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