Magnified Grass

I'll support you to create more joy, purpose, and harmony in your daily life by mentoring you to live in deeper integrity with your values, priorities, and self worth.



Relationship optimization with a focus on communication tools and practices that help you build a strong foundation, deeper connection and true intimacy.


Activate your specific soul calling and build your creative business venture while receiving guidance and mentorship as you to move through the blocks and challenges that arise when you choose to play big and follow your dreams.


A Bit About Me...

Although periods of depression, episodes of OCD, and feeling a lack of direction in life are experiences that I know quite well, I feel blessed to have sit with that level of darkness as it's really helped me grow and support others more deeply. Even when life wasn't perfect, I was able to experience joy and play, great success in my business ventures, an amazing community of friends, and a beautiful romantic partnership. It's taken me many years to get off the rollercoaster of highs and lows and create a balanced life that is sustainable for myself. It's taken work and commitment, and that commitment is a daily practice, but it's SO worth it! I know my worth, I speak my truth, I express my creative gifts, and on most days, I feel regulated in my nervous system and at peace.

Each part of my journey has brought me to where I am today. The lessons that I've learned in my relationship, my path of personal development, my business ventures, and my professional coaching trainings are what I use to support you in living a fully expressed life that feels good and sustainable long term. 

My journey wouldn't be complete if I wasn't doing it along side my beautiful partner, Jeff, who has been my team-mate for over 13 years and has helped me to achieve many of my dreams. He's helped guide me towards a healthier path, pushed me to grow in so many ways, and supported every business venture I've created. We have been committed to our love and intentional about our growth together. It's been through our relationship and the practices we do together that I have healed many of my traumas and shadow self and I am passionate about helping my clients to create deeper connection and harmony in their lives and relationships too.


I've been on a journey, and I'd love to support you on yours.




Derek is such a grounded presence...a brilliant light...gifted messenger...and so committed to helping others be the most ALIVE expression of their soul in the world! He is gentle and creative...yet courageous, and assertive. He really walks his talk, healing himself from within, so he can truly embody the qualities that he shares with others.

Scottie Gee Hines, Journalist

If you’re reading this and you need real leadership in your life, you’ve found it. Derek is an angel in the flesh and worth anyone’s time if you’re serious about up-levelling your relationships, business, and life as a whole.

Séamus Osiris, Life Guide


The coaching I received from Derek has been incredibly valuable. His heartfelt and intuitive approach allowed for deep exploration and elucidation of My Self and My new business venture. I felt truly seen and supported and am so grateful to have invested in this experience.

Mark Edwin Berge, Play-Full Events Co

Working with Derek over the last few months has been transformational. This has translated into me being able to show up more authentically for those in my day-to-day life, be aware of what I need from others, and helped me be more open about my needs. A huge thank you, Derek - I love you!

Damian Thomas, Programme Lead


When I entered Derek's Men's Group I was feeling a bit disconnected and lacking community. Not really having a safe space to talk about my feelings was challenging. This group helped me realize that there are other men out there that feel similar to me.  I feel more connected and have more of a sense of the community I need in my life.

Jason V, Acupuncturist