My gift is potent curiosity, effortlessly seeing the true essence of your being, and reading between the lines of your story to help you unveil your truest desires and goals. I guide and support you to release the limiting stories, beliefs, and traumas that you've created or held until now, so that the calling of your soul-purpose can be made clear to you.


You have a unique soul blueprint and came to this lifetime to create something truly unique and special to YOU. I believe that living a purpose-driven life is a key piece to long lasting joy and mental health. Through intentional practices, guided visualizations, childhood regressions, and potent curiosity, you will arrive with a knowing of what it is that you are here to create for yourself and the world, NOW.



Harmonize Your Relationship

Learn how to fully communicate your needs, heal your past wounds and traumas, and get the love that you both deserve.


As you embark on the journey of personal growth, you are lead to deeper connection and intimacy in your relationships, more purpose and abundance on your path, and more stability in your mental health and well being. I support and guide you on your path of soul-alignment as you choose to face and feel all that life has to offer in its fullest form.



A serial entrepreneur and spiritual guide following my heart on a path of service + creation.

Every part of my story has brought me to where I am today. Each lesson and experience throughout my personal journey, businesses, and relationship are what I use to support you in moving past the blocks that are keeping you from living YOUR purpose-driven life. I help you to find your purpose, heal through your traumas and wounds, and harmonize your relationships to thrive on a path of personal growth and well being.


Derek is such a grounded presence...a brilliant light...gifted messenger...and so committed to helping others be the most ALIVE expression of their soul in the world! He is gentle and creative...yet courageous, and assertive. He really walks his talk, healing himself from within, so he can truly embody the qualities that he shares with others.

Scottie Gee Hines, Journalist


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