Hey guys, I'm Derek.

I'm glad you're here because that must mean you're on a journey to be a better man and be a better partner. Maybe your relationships haven't worked out in the past, or the one you're currently in could use some support.

The things is, if you want the perfect relationship, you have to be ready and willing to be the perfect partner and show up to your relationship with love and integrity in every way. 

What I have found in my own life and in the lives of the men that I support is that, if your relationship isn't in harmony, it takes up a lot of energetic space in your life. By bringing the focus onto yourself and learning to show up as the best partner that you can be, you create a healthy relationship with yourself from which you are able to maintain a healthy long term partnership.

I have been with my partner for 15 years, and without the tools and practices we picked up along the way, we wouldn't be together. It's been our commitment to bettering ourselves as individuals and learning healthy ways to communicate that's allowed us to not only stay together long term, but thrive together. It wasn't always this way however, and I remember very clearly how draining it was to argue, to repeat poor communication patterns, feel like neither of our needs were being met, or to fear that we wouldn't make it together at all.


The work you do on yourself will ripple into your relationship. What's possible in your life becomes greater as you harmonize your relationship patterns because you are able to focus your energy on building and creating V.S arguing, saving or fixing.

Are you ready to call yourself forward?




Derek is such a grounded presence...a brilliant light...gifted messenger...and so committed to helping others be the most ALIVE expression of their soul in the world! He is gentle and creative...yet courageous, and assertive. He really walks his talk, healing himself from within, so he can truly embody the qualities that he shares with others.

Scottie Gee Hines, Journalist

If you’re reading this and you need real leadership in your life, you’ve found it. Derek is an angel in the flesh and worth anyone’s time if you’re serious about up-levelling your relationships, business, and life as a whole.

Séamus Osiris, Life Guide


The coaching I received from Derek has been incredibly valuable. His heartfelt and intuitive approach allowed for deep exploration and elucidation of My Self and My new business venture. I felt truly seen and supported and am so grateful to have invested in this experience.

Mark Edwin Berge, Play-Full Events Co

Working with Derek over the last few months has been transformational. This has translated into me being able to show up more authentically for those in my day-to-day life, be aware of what I need from others, and helped me be more open about my needs. A huge thank you, Derek - I love you!

Damian Thomas, Programme Lead


When I entered Derek's Men's Group I was feeling a bit disconnected and lacking community. Not really having a safe space to talk about my feelings was challenging. This group helped me realize that there are other men out there that feel similar to me.  I feel more connected and have more of a sense of the community I need in my life.

Jason V, Acupuncturist